5 Ways to Grow Restoration Business, RIGHT NOW!!

Grow restoration business by improving and protecting profit must be a priority for any restoration or construction company owner.

This webinar 5 Ways to Grow Restoration Business, RIGHT NOW!! presents specific strategies to dramatically improve net profits for your business. Bringing internal operational efficiencies into alignment to secure profit is a key concern for every successful business owner.

Grow restoration business by discovering ways to control material and labor costs? Would buying your building materials from key local and national wholesaler distributors increase your per job profit? Imagine buying flooring material which is the single largest line item on most damage repair estimates for 35% – 50% below retail. That would put you a long way to earning a 50% profit on every construction job every time! Wholesale programs are available for purchasing most common building materials and each one adds another notch to the profit margin of every job.

Learning how to use the Xactimate pricing platform as a key management tool can help you take control of your construction division and stop leaving money on the table through poor estimating. Most contractors agree that their estimators are leaving as much as 5% on the table for each and every time. Upgrade your estimating skills and practices and learn how to stop losing money and manage your business like a pro!

Grow restoration business by taking charge of your subcontractor relationships by never accepting bids from your subcontractors but always presenting a clear scope and a strong labor number every time you offer subcontractors your work.

You can learn how to increase cash flow, cash reserves and your personal wealth RIGHT NOW!!

5 Ways to Grow Your Business, RIGHT NOW!! from Jack Dennison on Vimeo.

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