Thursday 16 February 2017

Don't Talk Yourself Out of Becoming Program Contractor

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Isn’t it odd how often we talk ourselves out of our best opportunities for growth? I hear all sorts of excuses why contractors expect to fail at their efforts to break into the ranks of program contracting. They say:

  • My market is too saturated and with so many contractors I could never be selected.
  • My company is just too small to become a program contractor.
  • I’m only a carpet cleaner and I could never be selected by a TPA for direct assignments.
  • I’m too new to the insurance industry to get selected.
  • I don’t have enough equipment to meet program requirements.
  • I tried once and was declined, why should I think this time around will be any different?
  • I got approved by Contractor Connection 5 years ago and have never received a single assignment. I think TPAs really don’t work.
  • A TPA told me that I met their program requirements but they didn’t have room for me. That was 2 years ago and I have not heard back from them since.

If these excuses are true, then why is it that nearly every single one of my client contractors get added to multiple TPAs within 90 days of beginning their effort? How could it be that an ordinary carpet cleaner turned restoration contractor made over $250,000 from a single TPA in a single month? How does a general contractor who has zero experience in insurance damage repair apply only to 4 high-volume TPAs and immediately gets activated by all 4?

The excuses are just that and they hamper your prospects for growth! If you want to become a program contractor and receive direct assignments for mitigation and managed repair for which you do not compete with others, you do not bid against others, you do not risk having the job taken away from you by others … you can, you just need to know how! TPA direct mitigation and managed repair assignments aren't leads – they are jobs – your jobs! If you would like to receive your construction draw within 7 – 10 days sent directly to you with your company’s name on it … if you would like to be protected against the whims of rogue adjusters who apply their petty silliness to your claim … if you would like to receive more work than you know what to do with … if you would like to double, or even triple your business within 18 – 24 months … you want to become a program contractor! The opportunity is there … you don’t have to be a superstar … you don’t even have to be a large company … you just need to be dependable, committed to a quality finish, and dedicated to provide a satisfying customer experience, and you can get in and stay in for as long as you want.

How big can you grow your company … as big as you want! The only limiting factor is YOU. If you can adapt to each new level of growth, if you can manage each new layer of management, if you effectively implement each new system required to sustain your growth … you can become as large as you want. There is no better engine to fuel the dynamic growth of your business catapulting you to new levels of development than becoming a full-service program contractor. That’s the simple truth!

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