Wednesday 11 January 2017

A Business Guru’s Advice to Owners Who Don't Want to Be Employees

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No, I’m not the business guru I refer to … it’s Michael Gerber, renowned author of The E-Myth. Gerber who had a profound impact on my early business development as he has on millions around the world. Gerber asks this insightful question of business owners – “Do you act like an employee or an owner? Do you work in your business or on your business? Have you created a job or a business?” The implication is clear … many new business owners haven’t started a business at all, they have simply created a job for themselves. Until they get out of their employee roles and start working on the business they will never have more than a job. Gerber’s advice is to avoid becoming a sole practitioner. He urges business owners to identify each job they hold that is an employee role, and systematize its duties and responsibilities and assign it to someone else – give it to an employee.

Business owners must show the discipline to increasingly work on their business and not in it. The sooner the owner can get free of the technician or construction roles and begins working on higher level business issues of management, business development, supervision, and marketing the more the business will thrive. How did I take Gerber’s advice to heart when I started my restoration business? I never assumed the position of a technician or construction tradesman. I always functioned in a management role and hired my first technician when our doors first opened for business. This allowed me the time to focus on business development and growth, and that paid off quickly. Not every owner can do this - I was fortunate - but the point is clear, getting out of the employee role into an owner's role benefits your businesses development, I believed my job was to grow and run the business while others could perform the work that I brought in.

I spent most of my day marketing and implementing systems to support our work. Within 8 months I hired our third technician and third service van ... we had grown, a lot! Whether my situation was unusual the point is that I believed Michael Gerber and followed his advice from day one. If you are the operator it will take all your time and there will be none left to grow your business. You will stay small, oftentimes struggling, and always exhausted. Have you created a job or started a business? Do you live like an employee or an owner? Do you spend the bulk of your time working in your business or on it? Can you live with that?

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