Tuesday 14 February 2017

Check it Out – Deeply Discounted Direct Buy Flooring from Home Carpet Industries

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Have you noticed that the single largest line item on your repair bill is flooring? That’s right! Every water job regardless of class does damage to flooring. For even a Category I water loss delamination damage can occur if the dwell time is excessive resulting in irreparable damage.

I remember the days early on in our company’s history when my estimators just could not make flooring work for us. It seemed that we made very little on flooring replacement, and sometimes due to our own error we were happy to break even. Then came the day we committed to figuring out how to make this repair item work for us. Our journey took us to Home Carpet Industries who is the Shaw Industries wholesale distributor to the restoration industry. We found not only help with how to present flooring options to customers, but we were provided a great variety of presentation boards so we could take the showroom to our customer.

The fastest way to lose your profit potential is to send your customer to a local retailer. If you can take the showroom to the customer you can lock in substantial profits. How would you like to buy carpet and other flooring at 50% below Xactimate pricing? Home Carpet Industries can help you do just that. Every order is sent to you on the Shaw Industries truck for a minor shipping charge, and it is delivered in half the time it takes your retailers to get an order to you. Everything about working with Home Carpet Industries produces an advantage to you! Call Home Carpet Industries today at 800.542.3226 and ask for Debbie or visit their website at www.homecarpet.com. Mention the Offer Code ENTREPRENEUR and get a 20% discount off the low cost of flooring presentation boards so you too can take the showroom to your customer and lock in huge savings.. Save big money and dramatically increase your flooring profits by ordering direct from Shaw Industries at wholesale pricing through Home Carpet Industries.

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