Wednesday 23 November 2016

Grow Your Plumbing Company in the Recession Proof Insurance Industry

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Grow Plumbing Company in the Recession Proof Insurance Industry

It’s a really good day to be a plumbing contractor. Not only do you serve in a recession proof industry – and there aren’t many of them – but because you are often the first one onsite during emergency water damage, restoration companies want a relationship with you.

There is hardly a plumber left who hasn’t been approached by a restoration contractor willing to pay for referrals for existing water damage. Those referrals range in size between $250 and $750 per job. Making referrals to a competent restoration contractor is a pretty nice side job that can pay big dollars to many plumbing contractors. Some plumbing contractors have made the connection that since they are oftentimes the first responder to water damage perhaps there is an opportunity for them to not merely pass the referral – but actually complete and get paid for the water extraction and dryout themselves. Great idea! Identifying natural and connective opportunities is important in business development. For example, it’s natural for restoration contractors who provide water damage services to also get in to rebuild services. It is natural and even expected by many customers and insurance professionals that whoever shows up to do the water extraction and dryout should also do the rest of the job including the rebuild.

The same connection holds true for plumbing contractors – since you are the first responder to water problems why not perform the remaining services of extraction, dryout, and yes – even rebuild. The mitigation contractor may not have any experience in construction, but like any skill can learn how to manage the build back process.

Plumbing contractors may not understand the science of drying but they can learn. Needed equipment can be purchased. Trained technicians can be hired. Just think of turning the $200 water damage plumbing repair into a typical $2500 mitigation job followed by a typical $10,000 rebuild. That’s the opportunity available to plumbing contractors.

Many a restoration company has initially built their business around plumbing referrals. For plumbing contractors, the opportunity is apparent – you just need the courage to reach out and take hold of it. Everything you need to know about the industry you can learn. Why not consider starting a restoration division within your plumbing company? Instead of passing your big money referrals to another contractor why not keep them for yourself? Some of your competitors have already connected those dots and are enjoying the benefits of being an “early adopter” and have added a restoration division to their plumbing company. Why not join their ranks today?

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