Thursday 2 February 2017

How to Grow Your Remodeling Business In the Insurance Industry

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It is relatively simple and easy for remodelers to grow their remodeling business in the insurance damage repair industry. Insurance companies and the Third Party Administrators who manage their claims generally have more than enough water mitigation companies to handle their water claim volume. Virtually every restoration franchise is a mitigation-only company providing water dry out services - but not rebuild. TPAs and the carriers they represent are in need of dependable remodel contractors who provide a quality finish and are dedicated to quality customer service and satisfaction.  This kind of remodel contractor is in short supply.

To become a preferred contractor one needs to know who the TPAs are, how to properly contact them, what services they are most interested in, what their program requirements are, and how to effectively navigate their application process. Doing this well can qualify a remodel contractor for any of the 10 National Third Party Administrator Networks. If there is an opening, you could become qualified and begin receiving assignments in as little as 4 weeks from the moment you begin the effort to connect. For those that don’t activate you immediately upon meeting their program requirements you can expect that 3 - 6 months of consistent follow up can often result in an activation. This has been true of nearly every one of my client contractors with many becoming activated by 5 or 6 TPAs with 120 days from beginning their effort. Many would-be program contractors fail to start the process because they don’t believe they would qualify, or that their market must already be saturated.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you hold a general contractors license and have 2 - 3 years of business experience - you can get in! While many applicants are declined it is because they fail to understand the needs of the TPA and how to navigate the application process. If you do it right you will get in and if you do it wrong, you won’t. It is just that simple. How would you like to become an insurance program contractor and begin receiving direct repair claims you don’t have to bid for, compete for, or negotiate price for? You could start today!

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