Friday 30 May 2014

Grow Restoration Business Through Wholesale Sourcing

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Grow Restoration Business Through Wholesale Sourcing

If you are buying supplies and materials retail, especially building materials, you are getting killed at your profit line.

You don’t want to buy retail; you want to buy from the same wholesalers your retailers are buying from before they mark up your product purchases by 20% ? 30%, or more.

It is worth your time to find these profit generating relationships with key wholesalers both in your local area and others nationally that will ship goods to you.

As the owner of a Water Damage Restoration Company I used to get killed on repairing water damaged flooring. I just couldn’t figure it out and lost money on nearly every flooring job.

One day I finally decided to figure it out, and I did. I found direct wholesale buying for all flooring products that is 35% - 50% below retail. These are the same sources your retailers are buying from. Many flooring wholesalers do not sell directly to restoration companies.

I discovered the ways to resolve this and increased my purchasing power and improved my net profit, on every job. I bought materials from local and national sources typically open only to brick and mortar retail stores. I learned how to acquire wholesale accounts with these suppliers and found it to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase my profits across the board on all water and fire damage repair work. Once I accomplished this, I danced every time my company got a job involving flooring which for nearly every job is the largest single cost item on the estimate.

I can help you navigate your business toward preferred buying opportunities through wholesalers and preferred contractor buying programs. Require your staff to purchase all supplies and materials through these cost savings, profit producing sources and you will see an immediate improvement to your bottom line. I promise!

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