Monday 28 December 2015

Have You Thought of Adding Insurance Restoration Work to Your Remodeling Service

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You Can Grow Remodeling Company by Adding Restoration Work to Your Remodeling Services?

Most contractors have who want to grow remodeling company have given serious thought to adding insurance damage repair work to their remodeling services for several reasons:

  • You want to increase annual sales and this is a great way to do that!
  • The damage repair work is the same kind of work you do as a remodeler. Most damage repair work requires drywall, texture and paint; finish and trim carpentry; cabinets and countertops; and flooring. It is pretty simple for the most part and right up your alley!
  • There is a whole lot more damage repair work to be secured than there are remodeling jobs. That is a fact!

With all this being said why wouldn’t you want to become an insurance damage repair contractor? The answer given by most contractors who want to grow a remodeling business is that they don’t know how. Imagine that. Not knowing how keeping you from one of the very best sources of sales in your marketplace.

Many remodeling contractors are hesitant to try to get traction in the damage repair market because they know nothing about the science of drying, and don’t really want to get into the water damage end of things. If they could just find a way to do the rebuild and remodeling they would be happy beyond words.

The good news is that you don’t have to do water mitigation if you don’t want to and gaining access to the industry is really not that hard. Insurance professionals have more than enough mitigation only contractors to call upon to do water extraction – what they really need are dependable remodeling contractors who are customer focused and provide quality service. Those kind of contractors are far fewer in number.

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