Monday 28 December 2015

How to Make More Money in Your Remodeling Business

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How to Grow Remodeling Company and Make More Money in Your Business

I have written much about the ways and means of contractors grow remodeling company by increasing jobs and sales in the insurance damage repair industry. There is no faster way to increase revenue for a remodeling company than through the insurance industry partnership. While there are so many opportunities to increase sales through insurance damage repair there are a number of substantial opportunities beyond insurance claim repair work open and available to remodelers. Did you know:

  • There are 3 government agencies at work in every city of America that provides local homeowners with grants that range in size from $7,000 - $70,000. Each of these local agencies are looking for dependable and customer focused remodeling contractors who do a good quality finish to send these referrals. My company did $500,000 of these jobs annually and you could get in on this too.
  • Have you thought about contributing to local fire services? In my community of Colorado Springs, I learned the fire department statistics show on average one structure fire every single day of the year. That is for a community of 600,000. Most fire repairs are insurance covered making payment an easy prospect and most fire rebuilds are greater than $100,000.
  • Have you thought about learning how to build an enduring relationship with plumbing contractors and insurance agents? Each of them can provide a constant flow of referrals for insurance related damage repair jobs. You need on-trend approaches to each of these professionals but with some guidance and time you may be surprised at what could occur. In my business one year an insurance agent brought me $300,000 of work and I never once had to ask for it. Wouldn’t you like to know how to do this?

In the insurance world, unlike the remodeling marketplace, you must use the Xactimate pricing platform to write estimates and submit invoices. Using this platform earning a 50% profit per rebuild is doable every time. That’s right – doing the right thing by all involved with proper management you can and should earn 50% profit. Imagine what a handful of fire services or $70,000 remodeling grant rebuild jobs per year would do to your bottom line.

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