Tuesday 11 October 2016

Catapult Your Profits With Direct Buy Flooring at 50% Below Xactimate Pricing

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Grow Restoration Business Purchasing Your Flooring for 45% - 50% Below Xactimate Pricing That’s a huge savings! At The Restoration Entrepreneur we are all about helping you grow your top line and improve your bottom line. The best way to improve your overall profit is to increase your profit on every job. Buying your flooring directly from the Shaw Industries wholesale outlet will make you a lot of money on every flooring job you do. How often do you replace flooring on a water loss – just about every single time! Like many contractors we used to cringe every time we got a large flooring job - until we met the Shaw Industries restoration wholesale distributor. Once we put our savings package in place we danced each time flooring replacement was huge because we knew our profit margin was going to be huge as well!! A San Francisco contractor found that Xactimate paid him $22.99 per square yard for average grade carpet (FCC AV). He was able to buy that carpet direct from Shaw Industries for $11.99 a square yard or at a 48% discount. Doesn’t that make you want to do more flooring?? Many mitigation companies are working harder and harder to capture the rebuild and then pass it on to a general contractor for as much as a 20% referral, or for the job’s overhead and profit. A 20% profit isn’t bad for simply capturing the job and passing it to another contractor to complete. Imagine if you pulled out only the flooring to do yourself. On a typical job this could account to as much as an additional 15% of the entire job costs. So you buy the carpet only and subcontract your own installer and pass the rest of the job to your GC. You have now captured 35% of the job’s profit potential. On a typical size $10,000 rebuild that is $3,500. You still get the same referral fee of 20% and now you add another 15% profit and you have made a whopping $3,500. WOW! In what city is the manufacturing site of Shaw Industries flooring? – Dalton, GA. Where would you expect to find their wholesale outlet? – Dalton, GA. Let me introduce you to Home Carpet Industries – the wholesale distributor for Shaw Industries in – you got it, Dalton, GA. They will help you take the showroom to your customer and lock in deep discounts on your purchases using presentation boards filled with style, color and texture options. Your customers will love the convenience and you will love the savings. Home Carpet Industries will ship the material to your warehouse on the Shaw Industries delivery truck for an amazingly low fee. Most of the time you will get your order faster than your local retailers get theirs. Call Home Carpet Industries today at 800.542.3226 and ask for Debbie, HCI's restoration contractor representative. Start the process that can earn you huge profits on flooring today.  Mention the Offer Code ENTREPRENEUR to get a 20% discount on the already low purchase price of your presentation boards and take the showroom to your customer! CALL NOW!! Reference: 6 Month Coaching Plan – The Profit Maker – Make More Money Than Ever Before Managing Your Business Like a Pro! http://growmyrestorationbusiness.com/successes/