Tuesday 30 September 2014

Increase Your Profits on Every Flooring Job

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Achieving a 50% profit margin on insurance damage repair work is consistently attainable! It’s true! Grow my restoration business on every flooring job you do!

How to grow my restoration business - the first step to accomplishing this is to control material costs and do a better than average job sourcing your material. Buying your flooring material at 35% - 50% below retail will put you way ahead of the game in achieving this attainable profit goal. Finding profit generating wholesale material suppliers is worth your time and effort. For most remodel and damage repair scopes flooring is the single most costly item.

What would you think if I told you that I found a national wholesale distributor that sells flooring materials at 35% - 50% below retail directly to contractors?

You don’t want to buy materials at retail. If you are, you are getting killed at the profit line.

You want to buy from the same wholesalers your retailers are buying from before they mark up your material purchases by 20% - 30% or more.

There are only so many ways to save money on materials and you don’t want to ignore a single one without it costing you big time in lost profits. I discovered this years ago when I first entered the arena of construction services. I found that we were getting killed on flooring. Every time I went to a local retailer I found that they were charging me every nickel I could charge my customer. There was zero profit left for me.

We started a search which first led us to Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of flooring products in the world. From there we discovered Shaw’s wholesale distributor and their 35% - 50% below retail deeply discounted flooring products. We have been using them ever since. We found they provided presentation boards for carpet, hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, tile, vinyl and other flooring products.

With display boards and display racks we were able to set up an attractive and comprehensive showroom of these materials in our conference center.

When insurance professionals visited our building they were impressed with the number and quality of selections and the overall showroom display. We had the same look as many retail outlets. When we explained how our display center enabled us to take the store to the customer each insurance professional was impressed.

This helped to differentiate us from our competition that had to rely on sending customers to local retailers.

How would you like to own your own showroom? Would you like to buy flooring supplies that are deeply discounted saving you a lot of money and increasing your overall profit per job?

Achieving 50% profit per job is not that hard especially when you can save so much buying flooring directly from Shaw Industries wholesale distributor. They will even ship the flooring to you on the Shaw Industries delivery truck for $80 anywhere in the U.S. You just can’t beat that! They even provide a carpet series that exactly corresponds to the four grades found in Xactimate making it easy to identify the appropriate selection and insuring your deep savings. There are no minimum orders required and most any contractor can qualify.

Stop making profit for your local retailers and begin putting that profit back into your own company.

If you are interested in grow my restoration business and being introduced to this profit generating relationship just say so and I will have them call you. They will introduce the program, tell you about their services and displays, and sign you up to begin saving big!

I promise not to put you on any mailing list. I just need to know who you are so I can pass your contact information along to Shaw Industries and their outlet.

Why am I doing this?

I am a business coach that helps restoration and construction business owners grow their businesses.

One of the strategies I use to accelerate top line revenue growth and improve bottom line profit growth is to show owners how to take control of managing material and labor costs. Shaw Industries is one of several strategies I employ to this end.

If you are interested in knowing more about How to Grow Your Restoration Business ask me about that too. I know how to grow businesses. I have done it for mine, I have done it for others, and I can do it for you! Share this blog with others who may need to hear this message of hope and encouragement and visit our website for additional resources or to download my FREE eBook How to Grow Your Restoration Business at www.growmyrestorationbusiness.com