Tuesday 31 January 2017

Is It Time For You To Get Out Of Your Business?

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When was the last time you had a life-changing experience? Perhaps you went all-in with a new relationship. You took the risk to open up a new market of business. You decided to lose 50 pounds. You changed a costly personal habit. I have personally experienced each of these. They didn’t come as New Year’s resolutions, but at moments of deep insight and personal awareness, and that moment led to a determination to change. These moments are revelatory, deeply intimate, and oftentimes life altering. I have always been a smart business minded man and have worked harder and smarter than my peers. I learned this in the military. I learned to be the first to volunteer; to get all the education I could; to work longer, harder, and faster than those around me; and always do your job, and then do more. It has always been “the more” that has led to my next promotion, my next job offer, my best career move, my business growth, my personal success.

One of those events happened at a conference a number of years ago. I can’t even tell you what the speaker was talking about, but it happened. I walked away with a profound sense that I needed to change. It wasn’t something out there that needed to change, I needed to change me. My business smarts and work ethic had helped me build a consistently growing and very successful restoration business. I figured out where the industry headwinds were blowing and got into the flow.

We became full service, focused our efforts on TPAs and carriers who could propel our growth, and even opened a second office in a larger city. And then it happened. I walked out of that conference room feeling as though a ton of bricks had just fallen on me. At that moment it occurred to me that for all of the growth, for all of the hard work and long hours, I had become a hindrance to my own company’s future. It was the typical story. I had heard it before. I was not surprised by it. What I was shocked by is that I had failed to see it sooner. I was spending all of my time working in my business, and spending just about no time working on it. The business was a success and it was consistently growing all by the sheer strength of my own will, power, and effort. What I realized as I unpacked the experience with my wife is that if I was to have a life outside of work, if my business was to continue to grow, if my customers were to be satisfied – truly satisfied with our efforts to serve them, I needed to get out of my business. Not all the way out. But out of the daily operations and control of my business.

I needed to delegate more to others. Empower them. Train them. Depend upon them for my success. I determined then and there to change my life. What was amazing is that recognizing the holistic nature of persons, when you change one major area of life it affects every area of your life. Some of you need to experience today, what I experienced that day! You need to realize that you can’t build and sustain a business that requires you to work your life to the bone. You can’t be personally responsible for everything important. You must share the burden of business with other trusted comrades. That day changed my life.

I developed a plan for the changes I would make immediately and the changes I would make over time, and I did it! Some plans were announced with timelines to our staff, while others were more private and were shared only with my partner in life, and for life, my wife. But I did it, it worked, and it was life-altering! Does your heart identify with my experience? Do you relate to what I have just described? Do you want to change your life while simultaneously growing your business and achieving greater success? Then do what I did, and change your life! Get out of your business. Manage the present, plan for the future, learn from the past. Discover your life by working on your business, and spend less time in it!

Reference: 9-Month Coaching Plan: The Business Transformer - Double, Even Triple Your Business in 18 - 24 Months http://growmyrestorationbusiness/successes