Saturday 10 May 2014

Marketing Your Restoration Company That Really Works!

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Marketing Your Restoration Company That Really Works!

Do you find a lot of what is available on the internet or presented at conferences regarding marketing for Restoration Companies to be pretty bland, not very practical, and out-of-date thinking?

The reason is that much of what is presented about marketing for water damage repair companies is not coming from those who successfully did it. I read about candy jars, making the rounds, golfing sponsorships, cold calling, and giveaways.

If you have ever done marketing for a water damage restoration company you know that these things really don’t translate into work. Getting more work is what marketing is all about. If you are getting work, it works, and if not, it doesn't.

It’s just that simple.

I found that the key to effective marketing is to give, not ask.

If you are marketing insurance agents you begin with giving them what they want. The contact doesn't begin with what you want from them. If you are marketing property managers you need to figure out what you have that they need, and begin at that point.

What do plumbers want that a Restoration Company can give?

I think insurance agents want customer retention above all other goals. Property managers want fast and inexpensive service, and plumbers want more work. So how can you give what they and all your referral sources really want?

If your strategy to grow your business includes Third Party Administrators, Insurance Carriers, and similar marketing targets you really need to figure out what they want that you can give.

Download my FREE eBook entitled HOW TO GROW YOUR RESTORATION BUSINESS to find out what each of these groups really want, and how you can give it. I once received from one insurance agent over $300,000 in business referrals in one year and I never once asked for his work. I gave him what he wanted, and in time, he gave me what I wanted. What I gave will surprise you, and you can give it too! Believe me; the getting is in the giving. That is where you should begin. Download your FREE eBook now at