Monday 2 March 2015

Restoration Company Startups Can Double, Even Triple Their Business

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Start Water Damage Restoration Business

I remember my first day as a water damage restoration business startup owner. One van, one technician, a ton of equipment, and me.

That was it! The biggest problem any new startup has is gaining traction, getting the phone to ring, getting work. So I personally hit the pavement. I started talking to others about my new gizmos, my new techniques for drying, my thermal imaging capabilities, and I even told others what I nice guy I was.

You know what? The phone started ringing, the work started coming in, we starting growing. By the end of year one I had 3 vans, 3 technicians, and more equipment. We were all working hard and it was paying off. By the end of year 3 we had peaked over the $1 million mark, and then I made a fate-filled decision, and we exploded.

No, we didn’t implode – we exploded! I added construction service to our business and became full-service, and we exploded in growth.

Every year thereafter we grew by not less than 50% and in year 8 we grew by 70% - in a single year! I owe it all to that one fate-filled decision to become full-service. Every successful business owner loves to be asked for their personal advice. We love telling others about our experiences, and we are even happier to tell others what we think they should do in their business. So if asked to give advice to a restoration startup I wouldn’t tell them to do what I did, just the opposite. I would tell them not to hit the pavement in an effort to gain traction. I wouldn’t tell them to talk to agents and property owners about their drying gizmos. I wouldn’t do any of the things I initially did. I tell them to do what I learned, and that is to begin their startup as a full-service mitigation and construction company. That is what I learned from what I did, and that is what I would differently.

  • Nothing will get you more traction than doing the entire job from start to finish.
  • Nothing will get you more favor with others than telling them that you can do it all from A-Z.
  • Nothing will get you more noticed by insurance carriers and professionals than telling others that you are a One Call - One Contractor - Who Does It All, kind of business.
  • Nothing will bring greater confidence and pleasure to your customers than when they hear you say, “I will take care of you from start to finish. You don’t need to worry about a thing!”
  • Nothing will generate more revenue and earn greater profits than the best available revenue generator and profit maker in the business – construction!

You should never make decisions out of fear, so don’t say “no” to construction because you are afraid. Don’t say no because others tell you that you shouldn’t do this. And definitely don’t say no because you think you aren’t going to make any money. Be courageous, seize the opportunity, and grow your business – rapidly, as a full-service restoration contractor. No other single decision will get you where you want to go faster and better than becoming a full-service contractor! Nothing!! Visit my website for more helps to start water damage restoration business at