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Restoration Business Coaching - The Profit Maker

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6-Month Coaching Plan – The Profit Maker

Make More Money Than Ever Before Managing Your Business Like A Pro!

Many business owners fail because they lose hope and lose sight of their dream and begin focusing on the wrong things. If you are a frustrated owner who finds your construction services just too much to handle I can help you! Many owners make too little profit, pay too much for their material and labor, and lose their sense of personal well being because of the many customer complaints and management problems they face when managing operations.

I can help you change all of that and make the money you should while gaining the control you want. Imagine if you were able to increase your overall profits by 20% - 30%. This would increase your cash flow, give you greater cash reserves, and perhaps bring back the joy you felt when you first started your business knowing you are doing a good job, making good money, and are back on top running your business like a pro! Here is a description of the help you will receive from this 6-month Coaching Plan:

  • I will assess the design, structure, and operation of your business with special attention to the major business divisions of administration, mitigation, construction, and sales and marketing. Special attention is given to the construction services division including identifying necessary personnel for where you are right now and who will be needed in the future to expand your capacity for even more work. I will help you determine reasonable compensation for each position based upon performance objectives, determine needed equipment, help you prepare subcontractor contracts, and build new relationships to support your growing construction work. I will help you with everything you need to know and do to effectively manage and grow this division of work.
  • I will complete an internal assessment of personnel, policies, positions and compensation with recommendations for improvement or further develop
  • You could earn 50% profit on every construction services job you do. I will show you how to achieve this through profit improving techniques in estimating, controlling material purchasing and labor co I will show you how to take control of your construction services and earn top profit margins on every job every time.
  • I will give you immediate access to flooring and other material wholesalers who provide your materials at 35% - 50% below retail cost. This level of material savings along with locking in installation labor costs can earn you 45% - 50% profit on the flooring portion of every job you do. No more sending customers to local retailers where they spend every nickel you are allotted for their materials. By taking the showroom to them you can insure customers are getting quality materials that are deeply discounted for you. You will discover other profit producing programs for purchasing drywall, paint, roofing supplies, and many other materials commonly used on most damage repair jobs.
  • Working together we will set profit margin benchmarks for each revenue source for your business. We will determine your typical per job profit margin and set steps to bring about immediate improvement where needed.
  • I will help you insure that your estimators are not leaving money on the table. What difference would it make if you closed the back door to this profit killer? I will introduce you to internal Xactimate features and estimating practices that most estimators are completely unaware of that will insure the level of thoroughness and accuracy that makes you more money on every job. Imagine if your estimators were leaving just 5% of chargeable lines items off their estimates and the positive impact it would have on your business if you were able to reclaim those losses?
  • More money is lost through a lack of control over material purchasing than any other single issue. It is not uncommon for your crew to purchase 15 sheets of drywall when the estimate allows for only 10; or pay $35 a gallon for paint when the estimate pays you only $26; or buy a $200 sink for which you are paid only $95? I will introduce you to Xactimate features that will enable you to take control of material purchasing insuring huge savings on every job every time.
  • Customer change orders can easily get out of contro Many estimators and project managers don’t know how to complete proper change orders. This oftentimes results in the company paying more or doing more work for your customers because you don’t know how to use change orders? I will show you how to take control of your change orders so that you are not paying for someone else’s dream or upgrade.
  • You’d be hard pressed to find a business owner who didn’t believe cash flow was one of their biggest and most pressing problems. It is one of the clearest indicators of success or distress and of operational excellence or dysfunction. I will help you implement a multi-faceted system that can help you solve your cash flow chaos once and for all. The biggest issue most contractors face is not over-spending, but rather not getting paid soon enough for work completed resulting in a financial float that gets to be more and more and more until it is unbearable. I will show you how to get your first construction draw at the start of the job instead of waiting until you are done before you see your first cash. I will help you squash excess spending, effectively navigate the mortgage company maze, and get your final payment on time instead of waiting for months.
  • Don’t accept bids from subcontractors! If you do you are paying too much for your labor. I can show you how to take control of labor costs without upsetting or losing your subcontractors, and lock in your profit achieving 50% profit per job every time for your construction work. Life is so much better when you have the cash flow to support your business and not worry each week as payroll approaches.
  • Stop paying subcontractors an hourly wag Contractors are known for milking the clock and costing you money when paid hourly. I will show you how to use Xactimate to determine a per job approach to labor that will encourage worker efficiency that will actually increase their hourly rate making them more money than ever before and at the same time locking in your profit. Say “NO” to hourly wages and “YES” to paying by the job every time!
  • Roofing is the General Contractors best and most overlooked opportunity for a major boost to sales. In the past 10 years roofing has become a high priority for TPAs and preferred contractor programs, and has produced dramatic increases in claims volume for program contractor. Most insurance carriers now send their roofing claims through their TPA programs directly to preferred General Contractors. You can get in on the revenue and profit surge roofing provides by adding this construction niche to your service offerings.
  • Do you want to earn top dollar on each construction job? What difference would this make in your cash flow, cash reserves, and personal wealth? You can, and should, and you can start now!
  • You will have unlimited access to The Restoration Entrepreneur Network (hosted on LinkedIn) peer-to-peer learning community. You will have access to company owners who working hard at growing their businesses with whom you can ask any question you want, as well as learn from the questions and answers others are sharing back and forth. Learning from other practitioners is a valuable opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.
  • Financial statements and controls will be reviewed to insure good management practices are in place for Accounts Payable management, credit card usage, job costing procedures and practices, material purchasing controls and Accounts Receivable procedures including mortgage company payment processing procedures.
  • Imagine the benefit of having a personal trainer available to you to answer any question about any issue you face including restoration industry technicals of drying and construction. How do you resolve issues with problem homeowners, or adjusters, or employees? Do you need insight into how to deal with a particular problem for which you are unclear which response to choose? How many times have you wished you had available an experienced restoration expert who could weigh in on a critical decision you must make? Now you can have all of the help you need for any issue you want help with through The Profit Maker. What could be more life changing than this!
  • For many business owners the best place to start in earning more money is to improve internal operational efficiencies that increase cash flow and profit. Close the door to profit-killers and keep more of the money you have already earned.

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