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Restoration Business Coaching - The Revenue Generator

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6 Month Coaching Plan – The Revenue Generator

The Ultimate Revenue Booster for Your Business Sales Growth

Doesn't every business owner want to grow his or her business? Owners want more work, more revenue, higher profit margins, add new services, and generate more leads. If you want to dramatically accelerate your revenue this is the plan for you! Available only at The Restoration Entrepreneur this plan delivers the greatest number and most highly effective strategies for becoming a successful insurance restoration contractor.

Through participation in any of the 10 National Third Party Networks along with selection by community based government agencies, local fire services, and effective marketing to insurance agents, plumbers, and property managers you will produce more work than you can possibly imagine. Many business owners are desperate for proven and tested ways they can generate more sales. With our fast start strategies and tools, you can get an immediate boost in sales that continues to accelerate and generate more and more revenue for your company. Here is a description of the help you will receive from this 6-Month Coaching Plan:

  • Available only through The Restoration Entrepreneur you will be presented to ALL 10 National Third Party Administrators (TPA) through whom the bulk of insurance property claims pass. You will be introduced to each TPA’s New Contractor Membership Coordinator for your company and coached how to make the most positive and impressive first impression. You are helped to effectively navigate the application process, inform you what most interests each TPA in reviewing new contractor applications, and walk you all the way through to approval and activation. Our client contractors typically are activated on five or six TPA programs within the first 120 days and many begin receiving assignments within 30 days of first contact. For those TPAs that don’t activate your company immediately we will develop a strategic plan to work around the barriers that hinder activation in order to help accelerate your company’s final selection.
  • You are introduced to the three Government Agencies that work in your community and who provide homeowner grants ranging in size from $7,000 — $10,000 — $70,000. Each agency is searching for dependable and quality contractors to which they may send referrals. You could become one of those privileged contractors receiving these fast-paying high-quality referrals for customers who already have money in hand and possess a strong determination and need to complete their remodel quickly! Most contractors don't even know these opportunities exist let alone the pathway to become a preferred contractor for each agency.
  • You will be provided access to referral sources that can result in $1 million or more of fire services available right now in your community. What would it mean to you if you began receiving referrals from local fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and first responder services who invite you inside the protected area of the incident? Say NO to fire chasing, and YES to referrals from local fire referral sources.
  • For those contractors who are interested in expanding their fire services you can design and implement a customized marketing campaign for pack-outs and contents processing services as suggested in Designing a State-of-the-Art Contents Processing Center. Providing both reconstruction and contents cleaning services marks a contractor as a true full-service provider. This plan is offered for immediate implementation for interested contractors or can be added at any time during the duration of this agreement.
  • You will learn the secrets of on-trend referral marketing strategies that really work in getting more sales from local industry professionals in your community that includes insurance agents, plumbing contractors, HVAC contractors, Industrial Hygienists, commercial property managers, and realtors. The competition for referrals from this group has become increasingly competitive so it’s vital that you arm yourself with the most effective strategies available to help you secure more of this work for your company than ever before.
  • If you want to jumpstart and fast track increased sales growth this is the way to do it. Each one of these sources could be sending work directly to you right now! Not leads that you must go out and sell, but referrals and assignments that result in the highest possible capture rates. For full-service contractors each of these sales can provide a second job for the high yield revenue and profits of rebuild services quadrupling your overall earnings per customer.

Our company produced $5 million of revenue through nearly 800 jobs with most of that work coming directly to us from insurance companies through TPAs. How could you possibly create a marketing process that would produce that many assignments and do it year after year? Every fast-growing large restoration company we know has made their mark largely through the contribution of insurance program work.

Imagine what direct assignments could mean to you as the number of carriers grows year after year. Diversifying your revenue sources will protect you from over dependence upon a sole source of sales revenue. Adding referral sources from multiple Third Party Networks, government agencies, local fire service providers, and local industry professionals will build a broad and strong revenue base shielding you from unexpected changes in the marketplace. You will have unlimited access to The Restoration Entrepreneur Network (hosted on LinkedIn) peer-to-peer learning community.

You will have access to company owners who are working hard at growing their businesses with whom you can ask any question you want, as well as learn from the questions and answers others are sharing back and forth. Learning from other practitioners is a valuable opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. Imagine the benefit of having a personal mentor available to you to answer every question about navigating the ins-and-outs of referral marketing. How many times have you wished you had an experienced restoration expert who could weigh in on each critical decision you must make in choosing from the menu of sales options and strategies available to you?

Now you can have all of the help you need for any issue you want help with through The Revenue Generator. What could be more life changing than this! If you want to become an insurance program contractor, expand the number of programs you qualify for, and add solid referral sources that send work directly to you this is the right plan to greatness and to growth. AVAILABLE COACHING PLANS: 9 MONTH COACHING PLANS


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