Monday 17 October 2016

What Do You Do When You Hit Estimate Overload?

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Outsourcing has become a common practice in our day of technology. Outsourcing is a typical during high volume periods that stretch the capacity of current estimators or for specialty projects that are beyond their skill set. Whatever the reason having a highly skilled estimator to “outsource” when needed can provide the necessary support when we are in a pinch.

In the restoration industry the most common outsourcing need is for Xactimate or Symbility estimating. During weather catastrophes my company would frequently hire “satellite” estimators to help complete hundreds of roofing claims received over a brief period of time. Even with three full-time estimators that volume pushed us beyond our capacity. When insurance claims stream in you have a narrow window to complete the scope of repair or risk losing the job.

I have a large variety of client contractors many are new to the industry or new to construction services. Many don’t have the money to hire a full-time estimator, or don’t have the personal skill to write complex construction estimates. Outsourcing bridges the span of skill or availability to insure they never miss a beat, or a job! “Scope notes” has become a common term in our industry representing the information gathered from a mitigation or construction take off from which a skilled estimator can write a comprehensive, accurate, well organized estimate that leaves nothing on the table in overlooked charges. For a mitigation claim scope notes consists of moisture maps that show the placement of drying equipment, affected room sheets that show the extent of work done in each room, and photos that document the source and origin and completed work.

Construction scope notes represents the material take-off including the floor plan measurements, grade and quality of materials to be put back, amount and placement of material rebuild, and photos of all damaged areas. With sufficient scope notes a skilled estimator can prepare an industry standard Xactimate or Symbility estimate without ever having stepped foot on site. Can you imagine how often this service could be helpful to you? If you are ever in need of help from an estimating service for any of the above mentioned reasons I highly recommend Restoration Estimate Processing Services (REPS). They have multiple skilled estimators available to help with both Xactimate and Symbility estimating platforms, and with their large staff can provide a quick turnaround to whatever estimating help you need. Call REPS today and introduce yourself. You never know when the next time will occur when you need help fast. Talk to Tom Sedwick at 866.223.7201 or visit them at Mention Offer Code ENTREPRENEUR to get a 20% discount off your first estimate.

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