Wednesday 12 February 2020

What’s the ONE Time Insurance Agents Want to See a Restorer?

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What’s the ONE Time Insurance Agents Want to See a Restorer?

When is that?

  • When we refill the candy jar – NO!
  • When we interrupt their day – Nope!
  • When we bushwack them as they walk into their office – Not hardly!
  • When we bring them that $5 coupon for Starbucks coffee? Close, but, no again!

C’mon, then! When??

You have to admit … if you were an insurance agent, you’d run every time you saw a restorer coming your way. They know your spiel. They know what you want. They know you are 1 of 5 restorers who will drop by their office today. They see you as a nuisance, stealing their time and offering little of value in return.

That’s how they see you … every time … except one … when their client is ankle-deep in water, and you call to say you are on the job, and you’ve got them covered.

The prime time that agents are in danger of losing a client (and their premiums) is not when the client is watching one of those cute Geico or Progressive ads … but when the contractor, agent, adjuster, or carrier underperforms during a loss.

So ... when you call … the agent is all ears.

Why is it then … that this is the one time, we never seem to get around to calling??

Get the agent's name, and CALL, every time! You will get huge rewards if you do.