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Don't miss your best opportunity to market insurance agents. There is only ONE time they are interested in talking to us and we need to take advantage of that, every time!

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Watch Out All You Mitigation-Only Companies the Pendulum Is Swinging to Full-Service A mammoth shift is underway in the restoration industry! There are mounting expectations for restoration companies to provide both mitigation and rebuild services. More and more companies are diving into rebuild, and are rewarded for the effort. Customers want the convenience of (more)

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I just have to share this with you! Here is a 5-star review given by a former client contractor. It is just too good to not share with others. Easily one of the BEST investments (business or personal) that I've Ever made!! For several years, my revenue line leveled off and I (more)

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OK, guys, … I’m sorry … just one more time. I have to share just one more 5-star review with you. Numbers are all important and really do tell a story. Look at these. We were a $1MM plus restoration company focused strictly on mitigation. We decided to use Jack to help (more)

Saturday 1 February 2020
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Every once in a while, an economic bubble occurs. It happened with oil, it happened with tech, and it happened with housing. When you see it building, you know it’s a matter of time before it bursts! Plumber referrals are just like those bubbles – and its time to burst this insanity! Here (more)

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Did you know … the average rebuild is 4x larger than the average mitigation job? Did you know … you can consistently make 50% profit on rebuilds? Below 40% is bad, above 40% is good! Did you know … 50% of US States DO NOT require a general contractor's license (more)

Wednesday 2 October 2019
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My restoration company operated a state-of-the-art Fire Center with complete contents cleaning and long-term storage. It was an award winner, a marketing machine, and a super moneymaker! Should you get into contents cleaning? You can make a 65% profit margin It only takes about $20,000 of equipment It is a specialty service most (more)

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The key to job profit is controlling material and labor costs. However, we all know the larger the job, the smaller the profit. But, do you know why? Because we lose control of the job!! I coached one restoration company known for its high volume of large-loss jobs. Sure, they (more)

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Nearly every contractor has tried at one time or another to become active on TPA programs, and most are unsuccessful. It’s not that the requirements are so intimidating – they’re not! There is nothing extraordinary or surprising on the list of requirements. Insurance companies and the TPAs that represent them (more)

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Floating construction costs, and waiting 60 days for payment can be a company killer! When should you expect to get paid? BEFORE the job ever starts! “Oh, yes! Great idea,” you say, “but how do I pull that off?” Insurance companies have an automatic trigger to pay the ACV portion (more)