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If you’re not, I don’t blame you! There were days when I boasted of a single insurance agent bringing me over $300,000 of work a year, year after year. Those days are gone for most of us. Why? 1) Insurance agents don’t see the value of getting involved in the (more)

Monday 29 July 2019
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Have you seen a restoration company doing less than $500,000 of revenue with a General Manager? Or, the first manager hired is the Operations Manager? Titles matter! Owners are usually the functional General Manager. They oversee the whole of the business. When it comes to sharing the management burden, owners (more)

Monday 22 July 2019
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In a word, NO! Why do we try to incentivize workers? Is it because we want more out of them than we would otherwise get? The definition of incentivizing has to do with motivating others. We try to motivate them to work harder, smarter, more efficiently achieving better results. So, (more)

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This is true of many things in life. We don’t know what we don’t know, but when the light comes on and now we know it, life becomes better. This is true with TPAs. Nearly every contractor at one time or another applies for activation with TPAs. What contractor doesn’t (more)

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We know what psychrometrics and moisture maps are for … but what in the world is an affected room sheet? It’s a means to record every chargeable activity completed during a mitigation job. Mitigation technicians are notorious for failing to record many of their most common tasks. They forget little (more)

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Nearly every contractor has tried at one time or another to become active on TPA programs, most are not successful. It’s not that requirements are so daunting – they’re not! There is nothing extraordinary or surprising on the list of requirements. Insurance companies, and the TPAs that represent them, simply (more)

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The key to job profit is controlling material and labor costs. However, we all know the larger the job, the smaller the profit. But, do you know why? Because we lose control of the job!! I coached one restoration company known for its high volume of large-loss jobs. Sure, they (more)

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Every owner dreams of the money they will take out of their business. Perhaps its to buy a bigger house, take more vacations, or sock money away in a retirement fund. Most contractors take a salary, and that’s it. Everything else stays in business. We talk about rolling it back (more)

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The rule of thumb is contractors should spend 8% of gross revenue on marketing. $1 Million in revenue requires $80,000 of marketing to ensure you maintain your current level of earnings. $80,000 of marketing money could provide a full-time marketer and some internet activity. Not bad! OR, $80,000 could be (more)

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As a contractor, I was always opportunity greedy! What I mean by that is that if there was an opportunity to grow my business, I took it! I searched for opportunities, determined how to qualify for each one, and chased them until I got them. One by one, each one (more)