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Consider these numbers. Mitigation jobs in the US average $3,500 and rebuild (you have to put back any build materials you take out due to damage) is $12,000. If you got one mitigation customer a week for 52 weeks, that would produce $182,000 of annual mitigation income. This is not a particularly (more)

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The most important initial question to answer is whether to begin as a mitigation-only company like most restoration franchises or begin as a full-service restoration company. Mitigation services customarily include water mitigation, mold remediation, and fire and smoke clean up and odor control. Many contractors entering the industry find it relatively (more)

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Restoration Companies are made up of three major divisions of work: Mitigation Rebuild Roofing MITIGATION To mitigate means to reduce or limit the severity of something. The primary components of mitigation are: Water mitigation Mold remediation Fire cleanup and odor control 80% of the 25,000 restoration companies in the US provide mitigation services only. The average size of a (more)

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I probably deal with more frontline restoration owners on a daily and weekly basis than just about anyone else in our industry. I can tell you – they are ALL busy and some are busier than ever. Unlike remodeling, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and other scheduled services, our work is non-discretionary (more)

Tuesday 28 April 2020
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Not really, but it does mark the start of the roofing season! I remember one hail storm that rolled through the Northern Colorado Springs, damaging 24,000 homes. Within a week, we had received over 200 roof assignments that produced more than $2 million in revenue. TPAs and carriers alike love it when (more)

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Most remodeling work for kitchen, bath, basement, decks, etc. has dried up thanks to Coronavirus. While some owners are happy to take a rest until things settle down, remodeling will be in the tank for a long time to come. People have lost jobs, face financial ruin, are emotionally on the (more)

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You've been here before! The Great Recession of 2008 put 1.5 million construction people out of work. Half of all remodeling companies were crushed by the financial downturn and out of business in 2012. Bankruptcy, foreclosures, and early retirement – here we go, again! I talk with a lot of restorers and (more)

Friday 17 April 2020
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That's the question facing one contractor. They are a small company doing mostly roofing and a little mitigation, but no rebuild, and no TPAs. When they added TPAs and rebuild, in the words of the owner, he said in 12 months we generated $650,000 in additional revenue the first year from TPAs (more)

Thursday 16 April 2020
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How do you determine value? Like most of us, it's what you get for what you give. That idea governs our investments, home purchases, equipment purchases, and more. The idea of giving to get permeates our society and lives. In business, this is true. We ask, is what this is going to (more)

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Remodelers remodel. The problem is that in the age of Coronavirus, no one wants to remodel. So what's a remodeler to do? I have written many times about how remodelers can make money in the insurance industry. Make $1 million? Yes, you can! But in addition to the interior, exterior, fire rebuilds, (more)