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Have you ever used a consultant or known someone who has? You likely were presented with an array of forms to complete, a series of reports to prepare, and a lock-step one-size-fits-all approach to your needs. Too often consultants start with themselves, not with you, the business owner. Some consultants build their practice around costly seminars, or they ask for out-of-reach fees you can’t afford, and in the end they present lofty recommendations leaving you to figure out how to implement them on your own. We are not that!

Our coaching style is highly personalized and individually customized. We don’t begin with forms or reports but with lengthy in-depth conversations that lay the bedrock for mutual understanding of your current situation and what you want to achieve for your business. Ample time is devoted to discovering the best opportunities to grow your business, as well as exposing profit killers that are eating away at your current business profits. Actionable plans grow out of assessment and our business experience, and are realistically tailored to meet your goals. We experienced extraordinary success in our restoration business. We developed best practices in business development, internal operational efficiencies, and profit generation that will translate into your success today! We will help you learn how to achieve these successes for yourself in your business.

While there are some quick internal fixes that will improve profits, and some low hanging fruit resulting in immediate added revenue, the best opportunities will take time to develop. That is why we commit ourselves to you and your business for no less than 30 months. There are some accomplishments that just take longer than a few months to fix or achieve.


The first six months is devoted to designing and implementing a plan to grow your business.

  • During this period you will be introduced to all 7 Third Party Administrators.
  • You will be instructed in on-trend marketing approaches that really work for insurance agents, plumbers, property managers and others who can send you work.
  • If you are a mitigation-only contractor you will be introduced to a workable process to become full-service. Adding construction services can double or even triple your current revenue and profits without increasing your current workload of mitigation jobs.
  • We will help you improve your overall internal operational efficiencies by 5% that can lead to a 25% increase in net profits.
  • You will be introduced to government agencies in your community who can bring you large remodel jobs based upon grants they provide to local homeowners.
  • You will discover the best sources of fire services opportunities for build back and contents cleaning opportunities in your marketplace.
  • We will show you how to regularly earn 50% profit on construction services and how to take control of what is typically an unruly and dissatisfying construction services division. Many construction contractors don’t enjoy the work and make little money from construction. We will show you how to “tame the beast” and take control of the work and workers and actually make good and consistent profits.

During the Design and Implementation Phase we will do all of this and a whole lot more. But we don’t stop there!


We know from personal experience some changes and some revenue sources take time to develop. We won’t abandon you at the moment you need us the most. We will continue to coach you and work by your side for an additional two years going deeper, growing broader, and achieving more.

  • Throughout this time you will discover the work-arounds to early TPA selection
  • You will learn how to differentiate yourself from local contractors giving you the competitive edge over them
  • You will continue to accelerate revenue growth and profit improvement using all of the techniques and strategies we have introduced you to.

I remember my very first day as we opened the doors to our franchise mitigation-only restoration company. I drove to the shop and there was one car parked in front, and one service van and one technician inside. In nearly 10 years we grew to a multi-million dollar full-service award-winning restoration company participating in nearly 30 major insurance carrier programs and achieving a 50% average annual growth rate. We received many local, state and national awards for Best in Business as Industry Top Performers.

We are practitioners who are keenly aware of what it takes to grow a successful restoration business. We did it from scratch and with little help from others. We can provide you what we never had; a guide, a friend, a coach who can get you where you want to go faster than anyone else.

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