Every business owner wants their business to grow. They want more work, higher revenue, and greater profits. Discovering how to achieve these growth goals is the key to success. Let me show you how we can help you achieve this. We did it and so can you.


  • You can be introduced to the 7 National Third Party Administrators who provide the management for the bulk of Insurance Carrier Claims. Imagine what adding 2 or 3 TPAs in the next 90 days or so would do for your revenue earnings.
  • You can discover ways to effectively accelerate selection by Third Party Administrators and other Insurance Carriers who manage their own Preferred Contractor Programs.
  • Your company can double, and even triple, its current revenue by adding construction services to build upon your current mitigation work. Multiply your number of mitigation jobs by $10,000 and divide by two. That is the amount of profit you can earn by adding this service.
  • You can become more marketable to Third Party Administrators, Insurance Carriers, insurance agents, and property managers as a full-service contractor. Carriers and customers want to make one call, to one contractor, who can do it all! Why not be one of those?
  • Would you like to add $1 million in annual sales through local fire service opportunities?
  • You can experience a revenue boost by establishing your own state-of-the-art Contents Processing Center. Not only is this a high profit generator, but it is a great way to differentiate you from your competitors.
  • You can be introduced to National Contractors who specialize in HOA’s, Assisted Living Centers, and remodel and repair of additional commercial properties who are looking for dependable contractors in your area to complete this work.
  • You can qualify to provide remodel services for 3 government agencies in your community
  • You can tap into local insurance agents using on-trend and effective approaches to provide ongoing revenue growth. No more cold calling.
  • Did you know that roofing services is one of the most sought after service offerings by Third Party Administrators and Insurance Carriers? Write the estimate and sub out the work. Most roofing involves as many as 5 – 7 trades by the time the roof and varied exterior damage is repaired. Roofing is typically a high dollar proposition.
  • What new services might you add that will diversify your business and increase your sales?
  • Would you be interested in an on-trend and highly effective marketing plan that will boost sales year after year?


Money Bag
  • Did you know that the industry norm for construction services profit is 50% per job? By comparison how well are you doing? Would you like to do better?
  • How many wholesale outlets for building materials have you found and currently use? Have you met the Shaw Industries wholesaler who provides flooring at 35% – 50% profit? There are others too. If you are not tapped in, you are losing profit!
  • How much money are your estimators leaving on the table? Would you like to know how to quickly fix this?
  • No other deficiency costs you more than your own crew and managers who fail to control material and labor costs. Fixing this now will add more to your bottom line than any other single change you can make in your business.
  • Developing accounts receivable collections processes that are effective and fast is your best aide to improving cash flow management.
  • Implementing best practices for navigating the maze of mortgage company collections procedures will get you paid faster than most of your competitors.
  • Excelling in job costing is your fail safe against profit killers that diminish your personal wealth. It is not hard, but it takes discipline and consistency.


You have unlimited access to peers, step-by-step learning guides, and extensive instructional materials to support your efforts to grow your business and achieve greater profits. Gain access to a confidential peer-to-peer learning community of business owners where you can ask any question of experienced entrepreneurs. Learn how you can transform your business. Some of the training you’’ll have access to includes:

  • Design and Implement an Effective Construction Services Division
  • Taking Control of Subcontractor Relationships
  • Using Xactimate as an Effective Construction Management Tool
  • Hiring Quality Subcontractors
  • Identifying Wholesale Suppliers to Increase Profits
  • Design and Implement a State-of-the-Art Contents Processing Center
  • How to Effectively Hire Key Construction Personnel: Construction Manager, Project Manager, Construction Coordinator, and Construction Estimator
  • Writing Effective Hiring Ads and Job Descriptions for Key Personnel
  • Completing the Emergency Service Contract
  • How to Properly Complete a Water Damage Service
  • Providing World Class Customer Service for Every Customer
  • On-Trend Marketing Approaches That Really Work for Insurance Agents and Increases Sales
  • A Dozen Ways to Regularly Get Referrals From Plumbing Contractors to Increase Mitigation Volume
  • Effectively Marketing Property Managers to Increase Commercial Services
  • 3 Government Agencies You Can Receive Referrals From in Your Community
  • How to Consistently Achieve 50% Per Job Profit on Your Construction Services Work
  • The Transformational Power of Insurance Programs
  • Increasing Profits on Each and Every Revenue Stream
  • Creating a Business Plan to Chart Your Pathway to Growth
  • 5 Ways to Grow Your Business, RIGHT NOW!!
  • 3 Ways to Double Your Revenue in 18 – 24 Months


One day most business owners will turn their attention to selling their business to provide for their personal retirement needs. Being ready to sell when that time comes is crucial to obtaining the highest dollar value possible for your business.

Time To Sell
  • When It’s Time to Sell
  • Business Buyers Are Interested in Performance, Not Potential
  • Preparing Financial Statements for the Sale
  • Do Your Own Business Valuation
  • The 3 Year Proforma – Charting the Future and Achieving Your Goals
  • Preparing for Personal Retirement

Our approach works. It did for us, and it can for you! Your results will be tangible, perhaps even transformational, producing more work, more revenue, and more profit for you!